TVD Chicago panel (6/4/2013)

According to Candice, the only cast member who really ever improvised lines was Matt Davis.
If not an actor, Michael Trevino would be a chef.
Candice would be a theorophist or freaking that she's not working
Candice Accola: "Ladies, the way to Michael's heart is pizza and chocolate chip cookies."
Steven said him and Nate wrote a song about the whole cast.
Candice said "A zombie on Walking Dead or right now Game of Thrones" when asked what other shows she'd like to be on
Michael said: "Sons of Anarchy."
Michael said Candice would want to be apart of the "Honey Boo Boo" cast if she weren't on TVD.
Candice has paintings of zombie children in her home and she loves them. They freak everyone out.
Candice: "I'll hang out with Beyonce, she'll protect me from the zombie apocalypse."
Candice said "No!" when asked if she's ever taken a prop or clothing from set?
Michael said "Nice black Nike socks. I don't like sock shopping."
For the zombie apocalypse Michael would team with Zach.
Candice said she'd handle herself and just bring her zombie children.
"Does Joseph Morgan ever creep you out?" Trevino says because of Klaus' character, he gets really close to your face a lot.
Michael says he is closest Zach Roerig.
Michael told Candice that she better say him, but she says she doesn't pick favorites.
Candice: "Trevino can do an insane amount of push ups. He should do like 50 in a minute."
Candice and Michael have a special high-five they do and they demonstrated it. Chairs had to be moved.
Michael: "Walt Disney, Marlon Brando, Elvis." in reply to "Who would you want to have dinner with alive or dead?"
Candice said: "Cook -don't know if its edible and watch an embarrassing amount of reality TV." when asked "What do you do in free time to relax?"
Michael goes to the movies by himself in the afternoon.
Candice said her favorite scenes to shoot are anyones with dances.
She said "It's fun when they have episodes with dances in them because they're all dressed up and all together."
Trevino agrees, as long as he's not dancing.
If she could be a superhero in a movie, Candice said she'd be Black Widow.
Trevino would be Iron Man.
They opened up questions to the audience. and Nate shot his hand up.
Candice replied "I really don't know. That's a question for the writers." when asked when Klaroline would get together.
Michael groaned & rolled his eyes at this question.
Trevino says a memorable moment on set was filming the scene where Alaric dies in the cemetery.
Candice says she thinks her impression of Joseph Morgan's accent is creepy.
"If they could be in a romantic relationship with anyone from TVD who would it be?"
Michael replied: Ian.
Candice replied: Bonnie.
Michael said that if he was Tyler, he would have taken Caroline with him when he left town.
Nate asked Candice and Michael: "If either of your characters hooked up with Kol, how would you like that?"in an American accent.
Candice replied: "Can you handle a banana in my panties?" (Nate replied back "I think Kol would rather remain dead.)
Michael replied: "Hope you're a good kisser! Tyler would hope that Kol's a good kisser, but no tongue on the first kiss!"
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